4 Areas to Cover for a Successful Move-Out Cleaning

Relocating to a new home is, more often than not, a whirlwind of boxes, packing tape, and fond farewells. Wonderful and overwhelming at the same time, this experience usually comes with a lengthy list of tasks to complete and demands a planned, thoughtful approach. Amid the chaos, there’s one task you can’t overlook: move-out cleaning for your old place in Albuquerque. 

It’s a great way to wrap up the previous chapter of your life, a nice gesture, and sometimes even a requirement. Okay, so it’s necessary, but how do you do it? What are the areas you should cover during move-out cleaning? Read on and find out below!

How clean should I leave my house when I move?

Who offers the highest quality of professional move-out cleaning in Albuquerque

When it’s time to hand over the keys, your house should be as tidy – or even tidier – than when you moved in. This doesn’t just mean a once-over with a vacuum and a quick dusting. There are many reasons to thoroughly clean the place before you move out, so you should be as meticulous as possible. The goal is to give every surface extra attention and reach into even the areas you’ve overlooked during regular home maintenance. Let’s see what are the main areas you should cover.

1. Kitchen & the area

In most households, the kitchen is the area that sees a lot of activity, and therefore quickly gets messy. As it does during everyday cleaning, this area demands special attention now too. Start with the appliances: wipe them inside out, ensuring no residues are left behind.

Next, empty the cabinets and drawers completely, and give them all a good wipe-down, inside and out. Scrub the countertops and sinks to remove any stains and remaining food particles. Lastly, vacuum or swipe and then carefully mop the floors.

2. All of the bathrooms

As spaces known to easily collect dirt unless maintained properly, bathrooms can make or break a move-out cleaning. Begin with the toilet area and sanitize it thoroughly. Next, scrub the shower and tub to eliminate all soap residue and stains. Address the showerhead and faucets, and give your best to make them shine.

Don’t overlook the vanity and sink. Wipe all drawers and cabinets inside and out, polish all surfaces, and make sure the mirror is streak-free. Finally, give attention to the floors, but pay extra attention to the grout and any corners where dirt can accumulate.

3. High-traffic areas

There are areas of any residence, like the living room, hallways, and entryways, that see a lot of traffic and, as a result, collect a lot of dirt and signs of wear. In these spaces, you should meticulously vacuum all floors, especially carpeted areas or rugs. When it comes to hardwood and tile floors, you should mop them too.

Check out all walls and baseboards because, in these areas, they often get scuffed or marked up. Gently wipe down any stains you see. Don’t forget to wipe and disinfect all door handles, switches, and other places that get frequently touched.

4. Neglected corners

Finally, turn your attention to the often-forgotten nooks and crannies. This includes the insides of closets, the tops of shelves, and any other out-of-sight areas that may be hiding dust bunnies and cobwebs. Window sills and frames too can accumulate a surprising amount of dust and dirt, so don’t forget to wipe them. Make sure that any vent covers are dust-free as well.

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Who offers the highest quality of professional move-out cleaning in Albuquerque?

If you’re looking to make your relocation as smooth and spotless as possible, look no further than green sweep. As a team of seasoned experts, we’re here to help with our thorough move-out cleaning and meticulous move-in cleaning services, taking this daunting task off your plate. 

We’ll arrive armed with expertise and our eco-friendly supplies and practices to make the space shine. You can count on our comprehensive checklists for move-in cleaning, move-out cleaning, and the many other services we proudly offer. Whether you’re leaving or arriving in Old Town Albuquerque or anywhere in the vicinity, count on us to make the space pristine.

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