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Moving can be overwhelming, so why take on the cleaning too!  Moving out of a rental? A clean place will help you get your deposit back. Selling your home?  Let us get it nice and clean for showing.  Moving into a new home? Let us get it clean and sanitized before you move in.

Move In & Out Cleaning Services

Moving is hard enough without having to do the cleaning! We are here to provide you with move in or move out cleaning services. You and your family stick to the planning, packing and moving and we will focus on the cleaning. Our professional house cleaners follow an efficient system to thoroughly clean every home. Dirt and dust will be swept away. And all surfaces cleaned and sanitized.

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General or Deep Move In/Out Cleanings Available

green sweep offers two levels of move in/out cleaning services, our general move in/out and the deep move in/out cleaning. The option you choose will be driven by how well the property has been maintained and cleaned.

  • The General Move Cleaning is a budget-friendly option for houses that have been well-kept and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • The Deluxe Move Cleaning is a more  detailed cleaning and most appropriate for homes that have not have been regularly maintained and are in need of some extra TLC.

If you're planning a move, give our office a call and we will be happy to discuss your options and get you a competitive move cleaning quote.

What's Included in a Move Cleaning?

Our move cleaning is similar to our deep cleaning services, except the move cleaning is for empty houses.  Whether it's a move in cleaning or a move out cleaning our skilled technicians will clean and sanitize the bathrooms and kitchen. They'll wipe down painted woodwork like cabinet fronts, baseboards and window sills. They'll even wipe out drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. When we're done the house will be super clean and ready for the move.

Why Do You Offer Two Levels of Move In/Out Cleaning??

Not all houses are created equal. For homes that have been well maintained or have had a recurring cleaning service don't need as deep a cleaning as a home that has not been maintained quite as well.  The cleanings are essentially the same in that all rooms will be cleaned. The big difference is the amount of time scheduled and the level of detail of the clean. Additionally, the deluxe move cleaning includes hand washing of baseboards, window sills and other painted woodwork.

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