Clean and Disinfect Your Home For a Safe Halloween 2020

Like everyone else, you are concerned about the need to have the cleanest and most hygienic home environment for your Halloween festivities in New Mexico. As you should! With the globe-trotting COVID 19 posing a significant risk to everyone, it would be unwise to take the overall hygiene of your home for granted. 

Here are some quick but vital tips to help you disinfect and clean your home for a super-safe Halloween 2020 in New Mexico in case you’re having (a small number of) guests home, either in your backyard or just have a spooky fun night with the family at home and in costumes. 

First and foremost, make you sure have the right disinfectant. This means a product that is approved by relevant bodies such as EPA. When you use such recognized disinfectant, you will be giving pathogens, including COVID, a run for their money. 

Now that you are armed with the right disinfectant, it’s time to do the actual job. This is how-to celebrate Halloween in a clean and disinfected home. 

Clean and disinfect hard surfaces

Using the appropriate mop or rag, clean all high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, tables, light switches, desks, countertops, desks, toilets, sinks equipment, and, yes, don’t forget the toys.

As you clean, wear disposable gloves and use water and soap to pre-clean areas and visibly dirty items. Once you’ve done that, you can now use your high-quality household disinfectant to kill the germs on these surfaces. Follow the instructions on the label to ensure the effective and safe use of the disinfectant.

One important reminder for you as a parent is to ensure all cleaning supplies are kept out of the kids’ reach to prevent exposure and poisoning.

Disinfect soft surfaces

It’s critical to disinfect soft surfaces such as your clothing, bedsheets, pillows, towels, and plush toys. Remember, the Halloween costumes fall under this category. Disinfect every outfit, whether it will be used or not. Once you are sure the costumes are safe, store them neatly in a disinfected enclosure. 

Don’t leave anything to chance. In case you are handling items handled by someone who is sick, make use of disposable gloves.

As you deal with these soft surfaces, avoid the temptation of shaking dirty laundry. Dong, this will release the pathogens into the air and nearby surfaces.

After you handle dirty laundry, ensure you remove your gloves and wash and sanitize your hands right away.

Keep electronics clean

Your electronics constitute some of the frequently touched surfaces. Think about your smartphone, tablets, keyboards, remote control devices, and you get an idea of how often you and your family members handle these gadgets.  Keep al electronics, both yours and your kid’s, clean by:

  • Covering them with a wipeable cover
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for disinfecting and cleaning these devices. Preferably, use some alcohol-based sprays or wipers that contain at least 70% as alcohol.
  • Ensure you dry the electronics’ surface thoroughly

Fumigate your yard/compound

In case you have an open compound around your home in New Mexico, it’s an excellent idea to fumigate the environment to get rid of any microbes that might be taking refuge there. With a safe environment, you allow your kids to have a safe trick or treating.

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