Give Your Grill A Deep Cleaning With These 6 Essential Tips

Summer isn’t over yet. Many families have small gatherings in their yards to stay safe during the current pandemic and spend quality time with their loved ones in a secure environment. And what a better meeting that a barbecue!

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re about to know how to clean a grill properly. Keep reading and find the essential cleaning tips for grills, from the basic notions of grates scrubbing to the detailed methods of flame tamers and gas lines.

Deep inspection post-spring.

First of all, you have to make sure that your grill is working correctly, especially if you haven’t used it in months. Metallic grills that have been exposed to the outdoors for an extended period might get rusty, and those stored in the garage might harbor bugs and pests. Also, checking the fuel line for leaks is a priority. Do a soapy water test and run the gas. If you see bubbles, it’s time to tighten your connections or replace them with new ones.

Charcoal vs. gas.

It seems that this debate never gets old! If you want to know the general agreement, gas burns cleaner than charcoal (although no studies have proved that either is healthier than the other). Still, charcoal is loved because many people prefer the richer and smokier taste. Whatever your reasons, if we talk about cleaning your grid, surely charcoal will give you a lot of more work, so consider that before your purchase.

Preheat before clean.

Have you struggled washing a greasy frying pan? The same goes for grills. Some BBQ experts recommend preheating first and then start scrubbing the debris and soot out. Use a long-handled wire brush on your grill rack to get rid of all glued, charred stuff. And while on the subject of greasy messes, another useful tip to avoid sticky debris is to oil your hot grill with vegetable oil-soaked towels. Your food won’t stick so much!

Start from the inside.

Flame tamers are essential parts of your grill. Your grill has many small pieces that you have to remove and clean up if you want to do a deep cleaning. Pull out the flame tamers (located just over the burners) and check for clogs. Brush gently with stainless steel wire in an up-and-down movement. If your gas tubes are removable, use a garden hose to spray water and use a long and thin brush to brush the interior. Sometimes small insects like to crawl into those little tunnels, so cleaning them is a necessary task.

Continue with your grates.

Nobody likes the look of rusty or greasy grates. Whether your last barbecue was a week ago or the previous spring, you must keep your grill clean and rust-free. Remember: clean grates make better grill marks! Also, you won’t be contaminating your food. Use the preheat technique to burn out the debris, turn it into ash, and then remove it with a brush. Instead of using a stainless steel brush (that sometimes leaves behind small metal bristles), use a hardwood grill scraper.

Use a leftover onion.

A brush isn’t the only effective method to clean your grates. When the grill is turned on, and the temperature is high, use half an onion stabbed in a fork to scrub your grates. The acidic enzymes will eliminate the grease. An excellent method if you don’t want to use abrasive substances or damage your grill with steel tools.

These were our best BBQ cleaning tips. We hope you have found valuable information here! Remember that Green Sweep offers cleaning and disinfecting services for home and businesses. Book your service online.

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