Goodbye pests & weeds… naturally

Ahhh….Albuquerque bugs, slugs, goatheads, and other unwanted beings. If you are like us here at green sweep, you have dogs and children and cats and other beings running around your yard. We don’t want our little people to play in grass that has been fertilized with terrible chemicals or gardens that have been sprayed with scary pesticides. So here are a few “green” recipes we have found that seem to be working well!

Ants & Weeds: Both dislike vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with half white vinegar and half water and spray affected areas. You may need to repeat once or twice. Be careful not to overspray and kill flowers/plants you like.

Goatheads: If you don’t know what a goathead is, good for you! If you do, the best (and relatively green way) to rid your yard is to use a propane torch. They are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. Another way to rid your yard of them is to pull them up by the root. A little less perfect than a propane torch (and definitely less fun!!) but still effective.

Cockroaches: Yuck. Yuck. I didn’t grow up around them and they still gross me out more than just about everything. We hire a great environmentally-friendly pest control service for prevention and it works really well.

More eco-friendly recipes and ideas can be found online. Hopefully these remedies will improve your outdoor quality of life!

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