Spring Cleaning … yes, it’s time!

Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring has SPRUNG! While you may do a great job keeping up your house week to week, there are definitely some areas that need extra attention a few times a year.

Here are some ideas and tips to ensure your home is ready for a new season.

1. Clean or replace air filters for heating and air conditioning units.

2. Clean your heating/cooling venting. Don’t forget to get the return registers as well. It’s also a great idea to get your duct work professionally cleaned every 5 or so years.

3. Pull out items from your fridge & freezer and do a nice deep clean. While you are at it, pull your fridge out from the wall and vacuum the coils. This will extend the life of your refrigerator.

4. Ceiling fans! Clean them. It’s a bummer when you turn on those fans and it rains dust.

5. Clean interior and exterior of your windows. Pull out your screens and use a soapy vinegar water to clean out dust and debris. For more tips on streak-free window cleaning, check out this site.

6. Move furniture away from the walls so you can clean behind and underneath. These are areas that often don’t get touched in regular cleans.

7. Vacuum your upholstery. Pull up couch cushions, collect the loose change, and vacuum the crumbs and dirt that have fallen down there through the winter.

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