6 Tricks for Finding Motivation for House Cleaning

If even the mention of home maintenance brings to mind visions of endless scrubbing and organizing – a task you couldn’t possibly enjoy – you’re not alone. For many residents of Albuquerque, house cleaning is a major challenge, especially if they have to juggle it with busy schedules and demanding lifestyles. 

But, we all understand that it’s important to keep your living space in shape So, how does one find the motivation to tackle home maintenance tasks? We’re about to explore some practical strategies that could change your perspective. If you’re interested in learning more, read on!

How to find the motivation to clean?

6 Tricks for Finding Motivation for House Cleaning

It’s easy to view home maintenance as this monumental task, but let’s reset our perspective. We’ll now explore some practical, easy-to-implement strategies that help keep your living space tidy and may even make the process enjoyable. Let’s dive in:

1. Set realistic goals

The first step to finding motivation for any task – home maintenance included – is to understand your limits and set achievable goals. If your expectations are too high, even the thought of starting can paralyze you. Instead, set smaller, more realistic targets for yourself. For example, you could plan to tidy up just the living room or sanitize one bathroom. When your goals are easier to achieve, you’re more likely to complete them without hassle. Plus, the motivation you get from completing a task may even push you to move on to another one.

2. Follow a routine

It’s a fact that a solid house cleaning routine can simplify your life. Yes, following a pre-made plan will initially demand some discipline, especially if you have a hectic schedule. But if you push through and stick to your plan, this routine will eventually become second nature. Start by including smaller home maintenance tasks into your daily routine, like wiping the counters or making your bed. As they become a habit, you’ll notice that you need much less effort to complete them.

3. Split tasks into chunks

If there’s a common barrier to cleaning, it’s the fact that large tasks can be intimidating. Luckily, there’s a strategy for this too. Instead of endlessly postponing the task of sprucing up your entire kitchen, for example, break it into smaller parts. Today you could organize the pantry, tomorrow you could wipe down the appliances, and so on. Chores feel much less intimidating when you divide them into smaller chunks, which also means they’ll be much easier to start – and finish.

4. Start with the easiest

No matter how you currently feel about tidying your home, find the easiest task you can manage and start there. Choose something light and quick, like collecting dirty laundry or dusting a few shelves. It may not seem like that one task makes any difference, but that’s far from the truth. Completing the easiest task still ticks an item off your to-do list! Aside from that, this can give you a sense of accomplishment that may motivate you to tackle some other, more challenging chores.

5. Think of the benefits

For many people, thoughts about results and benefits can be a powerful motivator. Focus on how fresh and comfortable your space will look and feel once it’s tidied. Remind yourself about practical benefits too: a clean residence is important if you live with pets or if you have children, regular home maintenance helps allergies, and a spotless, tidy home can even boost your mood. Instead of focusing on how daunting home maintenance is, focus on the outcome to fuel your motivation.

6. Reward yourself

Sometimes, even the expected benefits of tidying won’t be enough to spur action. In these cases, you should plan to reward yourself for completing your tasks. It could be as simple as enjoying a special treat, going out for dinner in Uptown Albuquerque, or buying a small luxury. When you know that there’s a reward at the end, your efforts feel more worthwhile.

How to find the motivation to clean

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