Top 4 Strategies for Cleaning a Home With Pets

If you’ve ever had a pet, then you know that they bring a lot of joy to our lives – as well as a fair share of mess. From muddy paws to scattered fur, pets can make regular house cleaning in Albuquerque even more challenging than it already is. But with the right strategies, cleaning a home with pets becomes much easier. Ready to learn more about some of those methods? Keep reading!

How do people keep their houses clean with pets?

Cleaning a Home With Pets

Finding motivation for home maintenance is hard enough, but finding the energy to keep a home you share with pets spotless can be an entirely different level of challenging. Don’t worry! We’re here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible with the right approach. Let’s learn how:

1. Vacuum regularly

One of the first and most important steps in keeping your home in shape if you have pets is vacuuming regularly. Before you try to make a schedule for this task, invest in a high-quality vacuum. Look for ones with strong suction and HEPA filters, or find a specialized one that’s designed specifically for pet hair and dander. This will keep pet shedding at bay and a strong vacuum can be a lifesaver if you’re cleaning your house and you have allergies

2. Act fast on messes

Unexpected messes happen all the time, especially if you have pets. While you can’t completely prevent them from happening, you can try to act as quickly as possible when they do. Whether it’s a spilled water bowl or a little accident on the carpet, your quick reaction can stop stains and odors from settling in. It’s best if you keep a kit with essential supplies always nearby. Include some paper towels, an enzyme cleaner, and a disinfectant in your kit, as well as any other tools and products you feel like you may need.

3. Choose products carefully

When you have pets, it’s important to pay extra attention to which products you use in your home. Many common household products and solutions contain harsh chemicals that can irritate or even harm animals. Safety is just one of many reasons why eco-friendly cleaning is so important today, but with pets in your home, it’s crucial. Choose only gentle, non-toxic products labeled as safe for pets, and carefully research if you plan on mixing up your own solutions. And don’t worry, because these products are usually just as effective!

4. Think ahead

Get to know your pet’s habits and behaviors, and based on what you learn, think about how you could prevent additional messes and dirt in your home. One great strategy is to create designated pet zones, such as for eating, sleeping, and playing, and make sure all surfaces in these areas are easy to tidy up. Other than that, you could place additional mats close to doors and invest in covers for all soft furniture. When you’re proactive, you save time on tackling messes, but you also make the space more enjoyable for yourself and your pets.

How do people keep their houses clean with pets

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