Try These 6 Eco-Friendly Habits In Your Home Right Now!

No matter how hard cleaning chores could be, they are crucial in keeping a tidy, clean, and happy home. However, your daily home chores could also help the environment by saving energy and reducing waste and toxic materials. In this blog, we give you environmentally friendly daily habits for homeowners to start today!

1. Save energy through routine

Probably you’ve heard this many times. That’s because most of the electricity we use comes from coal and petroleum (not so eco-friendly sources). Sometimes we waste energy without even knowing it; for example, leaving the lights on when the sunlight hits the room. The key is to identify all your frequently used devices and turn them on only when you need them; you could even unplug them to save energy. Of course, this is easier said than done. If you need a little motivation, think of the savings on the electricity bill.

2. Make your meals greener

Buying groceries and eating more sustainably goes beyond just getting the products that claim to be “green” options. One tip for having eco-friendly meals is adding more soy products, vegetables, fruits, and grains in your diet; search for seasonal and local products, they tend to come from a sustainable process. Growing your own food in a backyard garden is an eco-friendly option too!

3. Try to be comfortable in the weather

When the temperature rises or takes a dip, it’s tempting to go straight to the thermostat to set the perfect temperature inside your home. That’s why cold winters and hot days can get your electricity bill sky-high. The eco-friendly option is to get comfortable without depending totally on your air conditioning system. Heavy clothes and hot beverages are the best way to deal with cold days, while in summer, be prepared with cold water and frozen treats! 

4. Moderate your wardrobe

Your style doesn’t need to depend on buying new clothes for every occasion. The most sustainable way of dressing is using what you already own. If you don’t need something in your closet, you can find it a new use by donating, selling, or repurposing. When you have one-time, special events, clothing rentals might work for you. If you want to renew your wardrobe, second-hand stores are a great option, especially if you are into vintage! 

5. Know the cleaners you use

Choose your cleaning products wisely because some can be harmful to the environment or even dangerous for your family’s health. Several companies offer environmental-friendly cleaning products at the local market. The best way to choose supplies is by researching the cleaning product’s origin and contents. You could even make your own to be sure they are completely eco-friendly and non-toxic!

6. Recycling

Recycling is one of the essential eco-friendly habits a homeowner could practice. Maybe you are recycling already, but it’s vital to do it correctly to ensure it will positively impact the environment. Check this guide with information on typical recyclables to ensure you have the most eco-friendly home in town!

A clean environment can be possible with a little effort from everyone. You can do it with these 6 best daily habits for homeowners. Let’s begin by cleaning your home! We are an eco-friendly cleaning company in Albuquerque. If you need help with your cleaning chores, Book with us.

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