7 Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades That Will Save You Money This Year

Sure, being eco-friendly and reducing our carbon footprint is ideal, but suddenly it becomes a priority when the energy bills come in and they’re big. If one of your New Year resolutions is to go greener or simply to save some money, then you better check this list. We include some ideas that you can apply alone and with a low budget, and others that will require some time and effort, and maybe the support of a professional.

Keep reading and save money with these easy green home improvements.

1. Plastic on leaky windows

Beware of the drafts! Leaky windows are often responsible for a chilly home and the increase in HVAC bills. The solution can be as simple as to put thin sheets of plastic on your windows, an easy and short-therm measure you can do in a few minutes. Look in your nearest hardware store for this kind of plastic sheets and install them with double-sided tape on your windows. With a good brand, the plastic will be almost invisible.

2. Tankless water heater

Perhaps a conventional storage tank and a heater are more comfortable and convenient for most families, but they sure can add a lot to your bills. If your water heater has a short lifespan left, consider replacing it with a tankless one. According to the Department of Energy, a small family can heat water on demand and be up to 34% more energy-efficient with a tankless heating system. Also, these devices typically last longer.

3. Fix your roof

Fixing your roof can be more costly than other tips on this list, but it sure solves the problem permanently. Leaks on the top are linked to mold and dust inside a home and, in the hot days of summer, an average roof will concentrate high amounts of heat. Nowadays, energy-efficient “cool roofs” are trendy and will maintain the fresh temperature in a home, lowering the HVAC usage in summer.

4. Plumbing fixtures

Of course, your old tap or showerhead will cost you a lot of money if it has some leaks. You don’t have to see drops of water to have one. Sometimes the water runs off inside furniture or a wall, provoking mold and elevating the numbers on your bills. Consider replacing these fixtures and avoiding future problems.

5. Low-flow showerheads

Talking about showerheads, having long baths with high water pressure is one simple pleasure costing $70 annually or more (according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, EPA). Replace your showerhead with one that works with 1.5 to 2.5 gallons per minute.

6. Attic insulation

Another effective way to keep your HVAC usage low is by installing proper attic insulation. Check if you can see any joints over your insulation, and if so, it’s time to add a little more. Even a humble (but well installed) insulation in your attic will keep the temperature right, and you don’t have to use your air conditioning often.

7. Plant some trees

If your home is baking hot during summer, maybe our friends the trees can help you cool down. Besides looking great for the neighbors, your trees’ shade can reduce your annual cooling costs from 15 to 50%, according to energy.com

If you were looking for DIY green home improvement for 2021, we hope this blog was helpful. Some tips are meant to apply to professionals, so don’t forget to call your trustworthy plumber or handyman. For daily cleaning chores, you can contact us and even book your service on our website.

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