Clean and Disinfect Your Home For a Safe Halloween 2020

Family in Halloween costume

Like everyone else, you are concerned about the need to have the cleanest and most hygienic home environment for your Halloween festivities in New Mexico. As you should! With the globe-trotting COVID 19 posing a significant risk to everyone, it would be unwise to take the overall hygiene of your home for granted.  Here are…

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COVID-19 Update: What’s Reopening In Albuquerque This Fall?

Albuquergue City Aerial View

Now that September is here, perhaps you won’t feel a significant change in activities during the pandemic due to many essential businesses operating for the last couple of months. However, things are looking optimistic for some cultural venues and other activities that finally will be able to restart some activities this month (or they already…

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Tutorial: Washing Different Kinds Of Face Masks


New Mexico has new rules: face coverings are mandatory for many outdoor activities and establishments. The government is encouraging people to start using masks just like some years ago when seatbelt use was massively advertised to save lives. One of the things you have to know is how to wash your reusable mask. The main…

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What NOT To Do During A Health Crisis Or Natural Disaster

It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ve probably been involved in at least one major crisis in your life whether personally or vicariously. How to manage anxiety and the ensuing crisis varies individually. “Social media leads people to do stupid things,” said Kevin Delaney, Editor of Quartz when referring to passengers carelessly risking their lives…

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