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7 Halloween Face Masks To Match With Your Costume

Keep COVID-19 away by using one of these great Halloween costumes that already include a face mask. Check out seven cool options in this infographic.

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Albuquergue City Aerial View

COVID-19 Update: What’s Reopening In Albuquerque This Fall?

Now that September is here, perhaps you won’t feel a significant change in activities during the pandemic due to many essential businesses operating for the last couple of months. However, things are looking optimistic for some cultural venues and other activities that finally will be able to restart some activities this month (or they already…

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6 Back to School Tips to Keep your Children’s Anxiety at Bay

It’s normal for children to feel anxious or fearful during the uncertainty of school this fall. Help them deal with their emotions with these mental health tips.

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Stay Safe

7 Family Gathering Tips To Stay Safe This Summer

As the months keep passing and the pandemic continues, we learn to live in this new normal. Family gatherings were considered one of the safer ways to enjoy the summer, but since the number of COVID-19 has risen, it’s time to do a check-up of all the preventive measures we have to follow to stay…

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Clean Outdoor Grill

Give Your Grill A Deep Cleaning With These 6 Essential Tips

Summer isn’t over yet. Many families have small gatherings in their yards to stay safe during the current pandemic and spend quality time with their loved ones in a secure environment. And what a better meeting that a barbecue! If you’re reading this blog post, you’re about to know how to clean a grill properly….

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5 Safety Measures To Avoid Virus Transmission During A Small Home Gathering

Want to feel safer during a gathering? Read these 5 good practices and avoid COVID-19 while you spend time with your loved ones.

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img-Plan The Safest Small Gathering At Home And Avoid Covid-19 With These Good Practices

Plan The Safest Small Gathering At Home And Avoid Covid-19 With These Good Practices

Here are some good practices to consider during your small gathering. Talk with your guests and avoid the spread of the virus.

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House Cleaning Services

For A Cleaner And Fresher Home During Summer, Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes

Summer is here, with all its beauty and issues. Many people are staying home due to the pandemic, and houses need to be prepared for the hot days. In this blog, you will find six common mistakes to avoid and keeping your home fresh and mold-free. We are not talking much about how to clean…

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img-5 Great and Safe Summer Destinations Near Albuquerque

5 Great and Safe Summer Destinations Near Albuquerque

Summertime is here, and many New Mexicans are preparing for a quick vacation trip to the many amazing destinations in the state. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic and the risk of wildfires has caused many sites to restrict some of their features. If you want to have fun but stay safe this summer, check out…

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5 Ideas To Avoid Crowded Sites During The 2020 Summer Vacation

Aim for the less popular sites to avoid crowds, follow the preventive measures, and avoid COVID-19 during this summer vacation.

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