Easy Strategies for Sustainable Living

Kermit the Frog once sang, “It’s not easy being green.” Here at green sweep, we disagree!

1. Be an informed consumer: Opt for products with less packaging. Buy home goods in bulk rather than individually packaged items. Purchase paper goods that are made of recycled material. Buy organic foods. Stop using plastic bags at the grocery store. Hire service providers who are committed to the environment (green clean anyone?!).

2. Lower your carbon footprint: Turn the heat down at night. Turn the AC down when you’re not at home. Unplug your cell phone charger when you aren’t using it. Close shades to block out the sun and keep your rooms cooler. Fix broken items rather than trashing them and getting new ones. Ride your bike to work. Recycle.

3. Opt for renewable resources when possible: This is a harder one for the individual. But one way to do this is if you are a homeowner is to get yourself some solar panels! Do you know how many tax credits and programs there are right now for going solar? Many!

4. Be an advocate: Pick one organization you respect and keep up with what they do. Sign petitions. Donate. League of Conservation Voters(http://www.lcv.org/), Sierra Club (www.sierraclub.org), Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) are ones we like.

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