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A Beginners Guide: The Best Way To Wash Every Face Mask

New Mexico has new rules: face coverings are mandatory for many outdoor activities and establishments. The government is encouraging people to start using masks just like some years ago when seatbelt use was massively advertised to save lives. One of the things you have to know is how to wash your reusable mask. The main…

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Remember These Useful Tips To Prevent Covid-19 The Next Time You Go Outside

It’s time to get back outside! But keep practicing the health guidelines to avoid getting the coronavirus. Here are seven useful tips.

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img-Keep Up The Healthy Habits 7 Ways To Avoid Covid-19 While Being Outdoors

Keep Up The Healthy Habits: 7 Ways To Avoid Covid-19 While Being Outdoors

The lockdown might be over, but the pandemic isn’t! Prevent catching the coronavirus and follow these essential habits.

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What NOT To Do During A Health Crisis Or Natural Disaster

It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ve probably been involved in at least one major crisis in your life whether personally or vicariously. How to manage anxiety and the ensuing crisis varies individually. “Social media leads people to do stupid things,” said Kevin Delaney, Editor of Quartz when referring to passengers carelessly risking their lives…

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Have Fun With The Whole Family Trying Out These Activities!

Want to stop binge watching series as your only way of family-bonding? Try these five cool activities together that will provide good,clean fun for everyone.

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img-Goodbye pests & weeds... naturally

Goodbye pests & weeds… naturally

Ahhh….Albuquerque bugs, slugs, goatheads, and other unwanted beings. If you are like us here at green sweep, you have dogs and children and cats and other beings running around your yard. We don’t want our little people to play in grass that has been fertilized with terrible chemicals or gardens that have been sprayed with…

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img-Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning … yes, it’s time!

Spring Cleaning Tips! Spring has SPRUNG! While you may do a great job keeping up your house week to week, there are definitely some areas that need extra attention a few times a year. Here are some ideas and tips to ensure your home is ready for a new season. 1. Clean or replace air…

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2017 Resolution: Clean House

When the new year rolls around, people often make resolutions to eat better, sleep more, exercise more, get a new job, etc. We know that if we actually write down what our resolutions or goals are and then break down these goals into steps, we will have a much better chance of succeeding. Does anyone…

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Easy Strategies for Sustainable Living

Kermit the Frog once sang, “It’s not easy being green.” Here at green sweep, we disagree! 1. Be an informed consumer: Opt for products with less packaging. Buy home goods in bulk rather than individually packaged items. Purchase paper goods that are made of recycled material. Buy organic foods. Stop using plastic bags at the…

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Green Washing or the Real Deal?

“Going green” in the cleaning of your home or business seems like a simple proposition. However, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish which companies offer products and services that truly are environmentally-friendly as “green washing” becomes more prevalent with many companies trying to win over your business. “Green washers” know the right words to say…

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